Know your products via symbols on packages

It is very common to find symbols on product packages, which to the naked eyes an art, but it does convey important messages on how to handle it properly and how to dispose them correctly. Improper disposal may cause harm to the environment as we know it.

Lets learn to recognize them and act according to the specification. Your next correct move may means save the environment or the people you love.
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perspective” by definitions means “a point of view“. There is always a subject (reference) that is perceiving and objects that is being perceived. It generates an understanding of the object depends on way it may perceived.

Widely used in geometry and photography, which a certain way of presentation can give an illusion of height and depth. In art, perspective gives a 3 dimensional ideas on a 2 dimensional drawing.

With existence of relativity in perceiving an object, no two person will generates exactly identical impression and conclusion on same object, although it can be similar to each other.
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