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Hello World ! Welcome to this humble little site “Green Sarawak”. I am Bill the Hornbill from the Land of the Hornbills – Sarawak.

Why “Green Sarawak” ? Well, State of Sarawak is full of greeneries, with trees spanning from one end to the other end of the land. As part of Borneo Island on the equator, it is tropical state full of diversify species of animals and plants, with areas of beautiful caves , great rivers, majestic mountains, and not to forget, having cities surrounded by trees. We are proud of our natural resources.

Sarawak – Land of Hornbills

Hornbill flying across a land with lush greenery.

Why “land of Hornbills” ? Hornbills are found across different tropical areas across the world, however in Borneo, with much of the conserved Rainforest, Hornbills are found flying around the Land frequently, particularly in Sarawak.

Sarawak have one of the oldest prehistoric caves in Borneo – the Niah cave – with documented histories in well preserved cave drawings. Nevertheless, Hornbills plays important roles in local indigenous culture in Sarawak, with existence in many celebrations, ceremonies, carvings and ornaments.


However due to overhunting for their skulls and feathers, and concurrent expansion of human civilizations, these beautiful majestic birds are becoming near threatened species.

Despite its reduced occurrence of seeing freely flying Rhinoceros Hornbills, they are still an iconic creature and had been the state bird of Sarawak and the national bird of Malaysia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expose the world about our beautiful Land of Hornbills and also enhance the awareness of the environment conservation to protect this once a Green land of Sarawak. We hope that the newer generation will understand that what we do is to reverse the damage we do to a previously pristine ecosystem, and not just blindly adding greenness to the environment.

We are losing many precious resources from the world everyday, and younger generations mostly take it for granted for their artificial materialistic environment.

When is the last time you saw wild hornbills flying across the sky ? Maybe none, but we see them flying freely in the past.

When is the last time you saw fire flies flying around ? Maybe once or twice, but we see them flying in numbers every night.

When is the last time you swim in clear rivers , bath in waterfalls and even drink them ? Maybe none or less, but we do it everyday in the past.

Before all these becomes just another old persons memories, lets conserve and reverse what is was in the past – Green Sarawak – The Land of the Hornbills.

Stay tune for updates !

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Bill the Hornbill from the Land of the Hornbills
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