Go Green Sarawak VS Green Sarawak

What’s the different between Go Green Sarawak and Green Sarawak you may ask in your heart. Isn’t it the same thing ?

Well, fundamentally both are created equal, with the mission to create awareness of “green” in our daily living.

We are dependent on our environment and the environment needs our care and conservation. Green represent life and rebirth. We live no only for the current generations but for the generations to come.


Everyday we are loosing precious natural resources, but development is inavidable. We are loosing Trees, Polluting rivers, Forcing wild animals to near extinction.

In the timeline of recent “Go Green” movements that tries to reverse or reduce the ongoing damage to our mother nature, there was once a “green” before it. The cities was once a lush green rainforest, The smelly rivers was once clear and full of life.

Hence Green Sarawak is a appreciation of how green it was and with this awareness we shall together stand our firm ground on Green Movements towards better tomorrow.

Our mission expands from natural awareness to a larger scope of events, activities, education, tourism information and latest updates on happening in Sarawak.

What is more about it ? well, Hornbills love greens. We stay in dense rainforest with lush trees and beautiful river. Hornbills was once flourish had now become near threatened species. Together we defend the status of the “Land of the Hornbills”, before it becomes “land without Hornbills”.