The two Dams – Bakun Vs Murum – and beyond

In Malaysia, there is many Hydroelectric Power Station spreading across the nation. Knowing that Bakun Dam in Sarawak is the largest in Malaysia, are you wondering which dam is second in place ? The answer is the Murum Dam in Sarawak.

You got it right, This two hydroelectric behemoth have a combined power generation capacity more than the total output of all the other 18 hydroelectric power plants in Malaysia combined. Lets find out more !
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Bakun Dam – A double edge sword in quest for green energy

Dams are once consider more environment friendly than other modalities of energy generations. In schools we learn that Hydroelectric Power Plants are one of the best renewable energy that can generate electricity to power up cities and nation.

Well, all of above is true, but we did not make a fine print clear to everyone to understand that it is not without the impact to the environment.

Sarawak is being proud of being part of the oldest rainforest in the world that dates back 130millions years old. Our Rainforest have vast diversity of plants and animals of tropical origin. Tourist from far and near come just to visit our wonderful diversity and natural heritage.

Lets see the Case of Bakun Dam of Sarawak.
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