The Mystery and Nutrient in an Egg

Everybody love eggs. Wondering whats so wonderful about them ?

Eggs are produced by birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and fish. It is characteristic by a thin hard shell with dual component semi-fluid content. These eggs have a purpose to have medium for developing offspring. However had you wondering about Bone in Egg ?

Not all eggs are create same. They are two type of eggs, fertilized egg or un-fertilized eggs. Fertilized eggs are eggs with a potential of developing an offspring if the condition is optimal, while un-fertilized eggs are “blank” eggs.


Most chicken eggs that we found on the market are of un-fertilized version. These commercialized chicken eggs had been laid by female hens in strict captivity with no intermingling with male cocks, and hence you will almost never find bones in them. However for cases of taking wild wandering chicken eggs, some of them might have had a developing chick inside, in some case after you boil them you will find a complete cooked chick inside, including meat and bones. Surprised ?

Have you being wondering , Why a fertilized egg under right condition , without any external nutrition, they have the mystery power to form meat and bone from the semi liquid medium in an egg ?

The mystery can be explained easily by the dense nutrient that can be found in an egg. Let’s say a chicken egg have all the energy and nutrient to form a single chick. That’s how much it had. Especially the center core of an egg – the york – the origin of life.

The fun Facts:

  • The unique nutritional composition of an egg can help meet a variety of nutrient needs of children and older adults alike. It is also beneficial for pregnancy and developing of fetus brain.
  • One egg may have around 75 calories but has varying amounts of 13 essential vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, lutein, zeaxanthin, Choline, riboflavin, selenium etc.) plus 6 grams of high-quality protein and 5 grams of fat.
  • High-quality protein in an egg is essential for body building and maintaining lean body mass. Body builder takes protein to build their muscle, which includes egg whites which mainly contain proteins.
  • One large egg may contains two-thirds of recommended daily cholesterol limit, however the saturated fat (responsible to blood cholesterol and heart disease) amount is only 8% of daily recommended limit.
  • Specialized “designer” eggs can be achieved by control the diet of the hen. For example: Healthy Omega-3 eggs are from hens that are on enriched feed with canola oil, bran, kelp, flaxseed, marine algae, fish oil or vitamin E.
  • World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in October. The first World Egg Day was celebrated in 1996.

Hornbills also lay eggs. First the female hornbill will prepare their nest in a hole on a tree trunk. After she laid her eggs in the nest, the male hornbill will bring mud and other material to wall up the entrance of the tree hole and leaving a small opening that is just enough to pass food and defecate through it. The male will go hunt and bring food to the confinement female. It is only until the chick hornbill are fully feathered and old enough to leave the nest, the wall is break and they finally released from confinement.