Going Solar Chapter 21 : Consult the experts

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Hence it is still wise to consult the local solar PV system installers for more details before you start going solar.

But for those who eager to try out their DIY solar PV system for the education and learning purpose, do start up your project small and slowly scale upwards.


For those who are serious about power generation with solar PV and net metering, do consult the local experts.

Hazards such as electrical shock, explosion and fire hazard is not uncommon. Wear protective gears when handling and ensure you have a schema of your project so that the next person will understand your maze of wiring.

Remember that in some case, if your system is not installed by a qualified installer, and it cause fire or injury, you might liable for the damage and risk losing not only your whole solar PV system and associated connected devices, but also risk not get full compensation from insurance parties. DIY means at your own risk.

Anyway, going Solar means your contribution to renewable power generation. It will be much appreciated by the world as you support the global movement to renewable resources. Go Solar, Save the Earth. Ciao.

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